The amount of time it takes for whiplash recovery varies, but symptoms for most patients subside in about a month. Some patients require continued neck immobilization for reducing the stress from sitting at a computer or in the performance of other activities for an extended time. If the need for additional support continues or if the symptoms become worse after six to eight weeks, further diagnostic testing may be indicated.

While a whiplash injury may be most pronounced in the neck muscles, sometimes the severe extension damages the intervertebral disc. In that case, treatment (perhaps surgical intervention) of the disc is necessary. There are seven cervical vertebrae in the neck that are held together by ligaments, muscles, nerves, joints, and discs. The extent and location of your whiplash injury is significant in the amount of time required to recover from the damage.

Physical therapy is often part of the whiplash recovery process whether or not surgical intervention is required. It’s important to begin retraining the muscles in the neck to respond appropriately, and the treatment of choice is often the use of Blood Flow Stimulation TherapyThe energy waves reach deep into the muscle tissue, causing increased blood flow to the muscle and surrounding tissue. This increase in blood flow enhances the recovery of the tissue by replacing collected toxins with oxygen-rich nutrients.