One of the methods of treatment used on professional athletes is Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy, or BFST®. BFST® products such as MendMeShop® Therapeutic Inferno Wrap® are noted to be effective in rapidly reducing the discomfort caused by an lower back muscle pain. It’s important to get the pain under control as soon as possible so that normal activities can be resumed.

What happens all too often with a pulled lower back muscle is that an individual will begin favoring their opposite side. That immediately adds another area of stress to the body. If allowed to continue, the pulled muscle effect will spread and cause more distress. Whether you’re a professional athlete or you injured your back putting groceries away, you deserve the same opportunity for rapid recovery.

Back Muscle Treatments

If you have a muscle pull or strain in your back, resting it is recommended.Avoid activities that cause pain or may have caused the injury and begin cold compression treatments as soon as possible.

There are healing tools that can help treat your back muscle strain and speed up the healing process so you can reduce your pain and get back to daily life. Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®) will promote blood flow to heal your injury faster and more completely than any other methods available.