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Hamstring Injury

September 22, 2015


Plantar Injury

September 22, 2015


Knee Injury

September 22, 2015


Achilles Tendon

September 22, 2015


Carpal Tunnel

September 22, 2015


Ankle Injury

September 22, 2015


Groin Injury

September 22, 2015


Back Injury

September 22, 2015


Shoulder Injury

September 22, 2015


Elbow Injury

September 22, 2015



September 22, 2015


Massage Therapy

September 22, 2015

1- Healthy Soft Tissue

This is the stage where the tissue is health y and has not suffer any damage that affects its normal physiological function. In this stage, when the tissue is in its optimal health condition; without limitation of normal operation. It is when human beings enjoy their daly activities without limitation or difficulty.

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2- Injured Soft Tissue.

This is the second stage of soft tissue damage , which suffered a trauma or physiological damage or injury . This is the latest state to suffer when the body tissues are injured . Generally reflects swelling, tenderness, bruising, causes discomfort and pain with limitation of their its function. This is a typical state of a soft tissue injury .

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3- Scarred Soft Tissue

This is the stage where soft tissue has been damaged already and completed its natural regeneration. This damaged part, and regenerated, has been recovered from the initial injury . This accumulation of scar tissue , is the leading cause to restriction of  its full physiological function. Main cause of a recurring injury .

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Benefits and Characteristics of a Rehabilitating Massage


The preparation processed for top athletes is characterized by the large volume of training loads and their intensity. The mental and physical preparation of athletes  is one of great demand. These can cause considerable fatigue, overload, a state of overtraining and injuries. Sports massage helps avoid such mishaps, to acquire top sport form, to maintain a high level of training and to improve physical qualities. Multiplying the functional capabilities of the organism, it also improves the activity of internal organs.

The overall purpose of this massage is to prepare the athlete to achieve the highest level in the shortest period of time and with minimal expenditure of psychophysical energy. It is used in all periods of preparation and transition. The sports massage method depends on the objectives, the particularities of the sport, the nature of the load and other factors.

This massage is part of the training process and is one of its means. It’s included in the athlete’s training schedule with sessions, diet, rest, etc. The duration of the massage sessions usually las about 40-60 minutes in total. Only in isolated cases (athletes with large muscle mass), it can last longer.Benefits of sport massage:

  • It favors increments in preparation levels.
  • Maintains sports form.
  • Increases the level of quality in gains.
  • It helps the athlete maintained a centered state of mine.
  • It promotes blood flow throughout the body.
  • Optimizes levels of energy spent throughout physical activity.
  • Improves natural body functions in general .

Sport massage and recovery of sport’s injuries.

Sports massage and rehabilitation for physical injuries provides technical and practical system that athletes find very useful, as it provides with extra supply to all materials that muscle, tendons, ligaments, etc. They need to be at the desired level, especially during competition. Besides his own mechanical action on the muscle fiber it keeps the wanted conditioned demands and its a way for working muscles to reach the deepest levels so that the work is always at its full potential. Moreover professionals who  work with athletes need to distinguish between the different forms that this type of massage offers and adapt each and one of them to the specific moment or stage of physical training, recovery, pre-competitive state or post-competitive state.

Did you know?

Massage  is one of the most important and effective therapeutic means in case of bruising? The massage action in all cases of injury causes skin hyperemia, activating muscle contractions, decreasing the degree of injury of the injured limb, improving the exchange of substances, etc. The massage prevents atrophy, the ebbs and bleeding.  Massage at an early stage of an injury  helps reduce pain and quickly recover functions of the joint.
For a recent soft tissue injury, if it hasn’t ruptured large or major blood vessels or muscle fibers, a massage must be applied one or two days after injury. An early massage session significantly reduces recovery times. Before starting the massage session it is necessary to achieve maximum relaxation of muscle and other tissues involved.

Terapia de Tejidos Profunda

Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the deepest area of the soft tissue. Its objective is to liberate chronic tension of the body from emotional or mechanical stress through slow manipulation, and deep pressure in certain contracted areas. In the same or opposite direction of muscle fibers, tendons and fascia.

The Benefits

It helps our lymphatic system, promotes blood flow, calms muscle pains, it helps release tension off the back, the neck and articulations caused by poor posture or muscular weakness. It also promotes better sleep.

An Old Tradition

Massages are probably the oldest therapeutic tool known to humans, it has been utilized to provide the body with a natural way to deal with pain. This is according to the experts from the Vodder Chiropractic Institute.

 “Ramiro has given me incredible results. He has gotten rid of any kind of pain i’ve had through his knowledge in the field. His technique is incredible, As the massage therapist that i am since1997, I have learned so much from him.”

Amanda Lee – Certified Massage Therapist

 “Ramiro has helped me recovered from a groin disruption; eI walked into his office without being able to walk and returned home walked and recovered after our first session.”

Ivan Ojeda – Soccer Coach and Trainer.



“Massages can be relaxing and therapeutic. The effects are not only physical but mental as well.”

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