Although pain and anti-inflammatory medication can be helpful to reduce the back pain and inflammation, side effects can be damaging. Use of NSAIDS and pain medication is not recommended over a long period of time. The home therapies explained below; cold compression therapy, and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy can be used to treat your back pain in a natural, non-addictive way that will not harm your organs or increase your risk of other diseases.

Why use natural back pain relief? Prescription and over-the-counter medications for pain and anti-inflammatory treatment often have undesirable side effects. With MendMeShop® Therapeutic Wraps, there are no side effects and they can be used to target specifically where the pain exists.

Back Pain Treatments

If you have back pain, resting it is recommended. Avoid activities that cause pain or may have caused the injury and begin cold compressiontreatments as soon as possible.

There are healing tools that can help treat your back pain and speed up the healing process so you can reduce your pain and get back to daily life.Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®) will promote blood flow to heal your injury faster and more completely than any other methods available.